Each age group Chaperone must record Athletes results weekly, by 8am on Tuesday

Results that are not entered by each age group will NOT be entered by the recorder and will be missed for the season


The ResultsHQ link is available by CLICKING on the above logo

At each Sunday’s Home Meet Please use your Mobile Device to take a photo of the weekly results, when you go home please follow the below instructions.

Results can also be entered when you are at a meet by mobile phone 

Choose EASTERN DISTRICTS from the drop-down list. Enter the four digit security code provided at the top of the recording sheets. A new pin will be given out each Week.

You will find yourself at the home page of the mobile app which will show Run, Throw and Jump options. Choose a Run, Throw or Jump and enter the results for the athletes attending.

Choose Age group and Gender, and then any available Events in the drop-down list. Press Go once you've selected the correct event.
The results entry screen has a couple buttons at the top
Save Attempts - quick save without opening a review screen
Save Results - this does a quick save but also flags any anomalies for you to review
Menu - go back to the Run, Jump, Throw screen.

Click on the numbers & decimals on the right of the screen to enter result

Please Note: High Jump is in cm not metres

Please, double check the results are correct and put next to the correct child before finalising the results. If an athlete is not there or chooses not to complete an event please leave unchanged.

  • You will see a PB star to the right if it's a PB, and a trophy if it's a Centre record.
  • The best of the attempts is displayed in the Result column.
  • If a No Jump or No Throw just key in a 0 and choose no jump, no throw etc Only if the athlete recorded a FAULT in all 3 attempts – do not record anything if they chose not to compete
  • The status option will also update from DNS to OK if the valid number or No throw or No jump is 0 is recorded if an athlete has completed the event but FAULTED all attempts.

IMPORTANT: Press the Save attempts after each result to make sure it's in the system. You will get a positive notification at the top of the screen after it’s saved. Just close the message when ready and keep recording.

When you're finished with the event recording, press Save Results. This will open up a review screen of what has been keyed in and flag any anomalies (outside of +/- 25% of the athlete’s average). You can go back and edit or accept results.

When you accept results you will get a final results screen with name, place, PB etc of the athletes that were recorded. Either go back to the event to keep recording or edit it, or move onto the next event.

Note: You will only be able to find the Events that have been set up under the specific age groups/gender that you select - this will align with what has been created in the ResultsHQ season calendar for this particular meet date                             


Please email recorder1@edla.com.au if you have any problems



(This is only available to Fully Registered Athletes. Children who are not registered will not have their results recorded)

1. Go to https://www.resultshq.com.au/login?

2. Click on the grey text: "Forgot your password" 

3. Enter the email address you registered your children with for Little Athletics.

4. The system will generate a password for you and email it to your email address. You can use this to then login to https://www.resultshq.com.au/login?

5. It is a good idea to change the password from the generic one given.

If you do not know your registered email address please email office@salaa.org.au